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CrossFit Logic was born from a need to surf. Four years ago Head Trainer and Owner Steve Stockley had a wake up call, not being able to surf when the waves where pumping! Lack of strength & conditioning due to working FIFO, long hours stuck behind a desk, eating & drinking too much at onsite camps stopped Steve from surfing on his time off. The reason he moved from Adelaide back in 2005 was becoming out of reach as his dedication to his work was now the priority, the need to surf lead him to CrossFit in 2010.

The CrossFit bug bit Steve hard. Within a year he had completed a Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness,  CrossFit Level 1 trainers course and had affiliated with CrossFit to go out on his own, CrossFit Logic was born. A  passion for participating in CrossFit soon became a passion for coaching& teaching and in  November 2011 Steve started training a few clients at the Mudjimba Multisports Complex each morning before heading to work. Steve had also been a closet yogi on and off for 10 years. In January 2012, Vanessa & Michael from Being Yoga offered a place in their Level 1 Teachers course which he grabbed  with both hands After 8 months carting around equipment, shed space was offered at the Sunshine Coast Weightlifting Club at the Nambour Rugby League Club. CrossFit Logic expanded it’s timetable and setup a fully functional CrossFit gym (Box). Steve was also fortunate enough to be coached by SCWC Head Coach Barry Harden, with 40 years of lifting experience. The skills and techniques taught by Barry have enabled Steve to offer specific weight lifting coaching to his clients alongside CrossFit

The next opportunity came in December 2013 Steve was keen to get back close to the beach, a shed next to the airport at 5 Beech St Marcoola was leased. Fortunately, the  majority of CrossFit Logic’s clients were keen to travel to Marcoola to continue their CrossFit journey with their trainer. Steve now runs a fully equipped CrossFit Box to accomodate 12 athlete’s per session! 

CrossFit sessions are held 23 times a week including 3 Olympic Weightlifting Classes, 4 Open Gym sessions, 2 Cardio Classes and a Monthly Community class. With  a team of qualified CrossFit trainers, CrossFit Logic is a well established fitness centre for all levels with a sports club environment.

 From a need to surf, CrossFit has given Steve the strength and conditioning that he requires to be  prepared for anything in life and any surf conditions! It has also provided him a new occupation, business, friends and life lessons you can’t find in a book.

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